Our instructors are all experienced searchers drawn from Lowland Rescue units with many being qualified Search Managers & holding key roles in their units. Regular Instructor training sessions are held, and all are encouraged to engage in continuing professional development.

Whilst it is not possible to go through the lengthy and expensive process of gaining formal qualifications for all, the training process is managed and overseen by staff with Post Graduate Certificates in Education (PGCE), Certificates in Education (Cert Ed) and NVQ Assessors awards.

All of our trainers are subject to a trainer Quality Monitoring (TQM) process.

9 - 11 June


Our training venues are chosen carefully, to provide the best possible facilities whilst maintaining our incredibly low prices. We provide you with good food and comfortable facilities. Those wishing to stay in a local hotel or B&B are welcome to do so.

Frank Chapman Centre , Bewdley, Kidderminster
Full accommodation and catering within 90 acres of woodland and grounds



Nationally Recognised Courses


"I loved the weekend. It was great to experience and I feel equipped to now carry out my role with confidence and the practical exercises were spot on, realistic and challenging."​

"Credible, helpful, informative and interested! Excellent " Search Planner

"Practical exercises although intense at times worked well to simulate the pressures that would be experienced in real life."

"Warm friendly trainers, good atmosphere"

"Great value for money, I look forward to my next course with UKLSI"

"Reinforced positives and learning opportunities, not negatives"

Providing Lowland Search and Rescue training in the U.K.


Unfortunately all our courses at the Frank Chapman Centre have been  cancelled for the remainder of the year due to COVID19  restrictions . 

      We will be in touch to arrange course fee refunds. Take care & stay safe. 


UKLSI was established in 2003 with the help of funding from the National Lottery,  to share best practice in Lowland Vulnerable missing person search. Since then our Nationally recognised courses have continued to develop into what we are able to offer you today. All of our training is based on National and International research by academics and SAR professionals - you get the latest thinking in SAR as well as the opportunity to meet new people with varied experiences of search. UKLSI courses are open to all agencies and we continue to train members from Mountain Rescue, Coast Guard, Police and Chaplaincy.

Latest in Lowland Search Techniques



23 - 24 May                      LPB - Lost Person Behaviour      DEVIZES, Wiltshire Cancelled due to Covid19

12 - 15  June                     Lowland Search Technician / Team Leader                     Cancelled due to Covid19


11 - 12 July                        LPB - Lost Person Behaviour     DEVIZES, Wiltshire   Cancelled due to Covid 19 

18 - 20  September       Lowland Search Technician / Team Leader                      Cancelled due to Covid 19 


3 - 4 October                    LPB - Lost Person Behaviour      DEVIZES,  Wiltshire  FULL  venue to be confirmed 


​20 - 22 November         Lowland Search  Technician / Team Leader                     Cancelled due to Covid 19 

                                                 NNAS    Silver / Bronze                                                                 Cancelled due to Covid 19                                                                                                                                                       




Networking & Friendships

Our courses are all inclusive of accommodation , meals  and course materials