This course is designed to give the participant the knowledge and skills required by a Team Leader during a Lowland Search.  Although aimed specifically at ALSAR teams and compliant with current ALSAR standards, this course is also available to other interested groups.  The participant should however have a good knowledge of Lowland Search skills, and preferably have experience of a number of searches.

The course follows the current ALSAR standards, and is delivered by experienced operational members of several ALSAR Teams.

The syllabus includes:

  • Team Leader role & responsibilities
  • Team briefing/debriefing
  • Leading a search
  • Operational Responsibilities
  • Missing person statistics
  • The Call-out
  • Search Preparedness
  • Scenes & preservation of evidence
  • Emergency procedures and incident management

There is a balanced mix of classroom and outdoor practical activities culminating  in a simulated search exercise on the Sunday leading a team and a short, written, multi choice knowledge test.

 Course Name
 Start Time
 Finish Time
 Lowland Search Team Leader
 Friday 19.00hrs
 Sunday 16.00hrs

Lowland Search Team Leader