This course is designed to give the participant the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed by a team member during a lowland search and does not assume any previous knowledge.

The course follows the current ALSAR standards, and is delivered by our experienced instructors who are also operational members of several ALSAR Teams.

The syllabus includes:

  •  Searcher Preparedness
  • Outdoor practicals and simulated search exercises
  •  The Call-out      
  •  Search Techniques
  •  Preservation of Evidence
  •  Missing Person Behaviour
  •  Search Management

Throughout the weekend participants will be assessed on their understanding and performance culminating in an outdoor simulated search exercise on the Sunday along with a short written multi-choice knowledge test.    

 Cost £70 inclusive of Accommodation, meals , refreshments and course materials 

Lowland Search Technician

 Course Name
 Start Time
 Finish Time
 Lowland Search Technician
 Friday 19.00hrs
 Sunday 16.00hrs