Point of Find

The Point of Find course gets students to consider the following areas when managing a MISPER:

•    Scene and resource (team and equipment) management
•    Physical health and care – first aid
•    Mental health & care –psychosocial support
•    Communication with a MISPER
•    Handover -  passing a MISPER onto the most appropriate organisation or agency e.g. Ambulance or Police for their ongoing care and support.
•    Supporting  team members during and after a search.

Course objectives

•    To build team members confidence when approaching and managing a MISPER at the point of find.
•    To enable team members to build a trusting relationship with a MISPER.
•    To increase a team member’s skill set in assessing and supporting a MISPER with physical and / or psychological injury.
•    To help team members increase their awareness of and ability to manage their own emotional needs.

Pre-requisite for Students

To attend the Point of Find course students must have completed the following training:

1.    UK Lowland Search Technician – or equivalent from another organisation
2.    Basic Life Support – either through Lowland Rescue or another course covering the ERC Guidelines for BLS

It would be ideal but not required for students to have completed a mental health first aid course or similar psychosocial course from another organisation such as MHFA England, British Red Cross, MIND or the Samaritans. This is not a pre-requisite but students should be encouraged to explore this training further on return to their units.

 Course Name
 Start Time
 Finish Time
 Point of Find
 Friday 19.00hrs
 Sunday 16.00hrs