The course focuses on separating Search Planning from Search Operations as we believe that these are two distinct roles. This also fits neatly into the Lowland Rescue strategy to develop a Search Manager certification based on Search Planning and Search Operations skills and complies with existing  Lowland Rescue guidance.

This involves the understanding of the Incident Command Structure and how it involves the Functions of Command and the responsibilities associated with each of these functions. It covers that the structure allows the framework to be scaleable from simple to complex dependent upon the needs off the search operation.

Emphasis is placed on making decisions based on FACTS and on STATISTICS, against formulated Search Plans. Decisions are logical and justifiable, whatever they are, and deployment is managed effectively

Throughout the course students will learn to write and deliver search operations management from plausible scenarios created from the information collected from the missing person reports, statistics, missing person behaviour traits etc. and this is done in a logical order throughout.

The syllabus includes:

•    Incident Command Structure (responsibilities associated to each function)
•    Resources – what are they and how are the best deployed?  The considerations and limitations of their deployment
•    Call out – how the resource deployment is managed
•    Assembly points – their layout, location and management
•    Briefings – what should be included for both General and Task Specific briefings
•    Deployment Strategies and Tactics
•    Tracking and management of deployed resources
•    What part Human factors play in the management of search operations
•    Situational Awareness and its importance
•    Decision Making and Communications
•    Rescue and Recovery Plan formulation and management
•    Liaison with Police and the families of missing persons
•    De-briefing – its importance and how the information should be utilised
•    Closing the Search – considerations, paperwork and stats submission
•    Documenting the search
•    Developing further skills and knowledge

Search Operations

 Course Name
 Start Time
 Finish Time
Search Operations
 Friday 19.00hrs
 Sunday 16.00hrs