The Pencari Search and Rescue Tracking Course (SART Level 1) is a 2 day (16 hour) course that delivers to Search and Rescue personnel an ability to recognise and identify visual “Sign”1 related to a lost or disoriented person or group allowing the searcher to conduct valuable information exploitation in order to follow and assist with a successful rescue and or recovery.

The PENCARI Search and Rescue Tracking Course gives students the “where to look”, “what to look for” and the “how to follow”. Students will be capable of identifying the action indicators associated with a lost or disoriented person and from those action indicators identify direction of travel, speed of movement, load carried, is the subject injured or healthy and much more. The course will include identifying Sign in various terrains and will look at the SAR Tracking techniques for use during night or low light searches.

Course Objectives

  • To teach Search and Rescue personnel the techniques and procedures of identifying Sign left by a lost or disorientated person, make logical assumptions and deductions and follow, in order to assist with a successful rescue or recovery.
  • TO1 Successfully Identify Sign both by Day and Night
  • TO2 Conduct Information Exploitation (IX) and Interpret Sign
  • TO3 Make logical Assumptions and Deductions related to the subject
  • TO4 Understand and Utilise Tracking techniques in order to Follow

The PENCARI Search and Rescue Tracking Level 1 is invaluable training for all law enforcement, fire and rescue, emergency management, community emergency response teams, urban search teams and SAR specialists.