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A two-day course using International and UK statistical reference leading to a better understanding of where to look for a missing vulnerable person.

Using ISRID international missing person statistics and missing person behaviour traits, this course will enhance the understanding and map planning for Search Managers, Planners and Operations and Team Leaders. Pathways available for both Search Planner & Team Leader specifics. Our 4 instructors have been trained and licensed by Robert Koester to deliver this course.

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Course Details

The course:

What is lost and what is missing? Robert Koester compiled worldwide lost person data over a number of years which, with the data and research from more than 40 contributors, has been reproduced in his book "Lost Person Behaviour", an invaluable tool and guide for Lowland Search and Rescue and UKSAR.

The syllabus includes:

  • Using the Lost Person Behaviour book

  • Understanding ISRID tables

  • Lost person strategies

  • Myths &  legends of search

  • Reflex tasking

  • Subject categories

  • Practical exercises

"Look in the right place"

Robert Koester

£160 per course, inclusive of accommodation & meals. Once you have completed the registration process, we will send you all the information you need along with payment details.

Registration will only be possible if a course is available on the courses information page.

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