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This course is designed to give the participant the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed by a team member during a Lowland search.
Aspiring Search Technicians will leave the course with the skills and knowledge required for missing person incidents and be able to apply them confidently.

Competencies listed in the syllabus will be assessed by experienced members of UKSAR organisations.

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Course Details

This course is suitable for:

Anyone involved in the search for lost or missing people

Fire and Rescue

HM Coastguard

Lowland Rescue

Members of UKSAR groups

Mountain Rescue

Police Officers

Research Institutes

SAR dog organisations


There are no prerequisites to attend this course.


The course:

The course follows the current Lowland Search Technician Standards, and is delivered by experienced members of several UKSAR organisations.


The syllabus includes:


  • 1 Searcher Safety

  • 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 &  2.4 Search Techniques and Skills

  • 6 search operations



The course is structured using a combination of classroom sessions, tabletop exercises, outdoor practical activities and search exercises. To maximise quality of learning, the course numbers are capped to allow a high instructor/participant ratio.

£160 per course, inclusive of accommodation & meals. Once you have completed the registration process, we will send you all the information you need along with payment details.

Registration will only be possible if a course is available on the courses information page.

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