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This course is designed to build team members confidence when approaching and managing a missing person at the point of find & to allow them to build a trusting relationship with a missing person.

The course will also develop a better understanding of each role within a point of find scenario and will help team members to increase their awareness of and ability to manage their own emotional needs at the same time and understanding of each role within a point of find scenario.

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Course Details


Candidates need to be qualified as a Search Technician or equivalent.

It would be ideal but not required for students to have completed a mental health health first aid course or similar psychosocial course from another organisation such as MHFA England, British Red Cross, MIND or the Samaritans. This is not a prerequisite but students should be encouraged to explore this training further on return to the units.

The course:

The point of find course gets students to consider the following areas when managing a missing person:

  • Scene and resource (Team and equipment) management

  • Physical health and care - first-aid

  • Mental health and care – psychosocial support

  • Communication with a missing person

  • Handover – passing a missing person onto the most appropriate organisation or agency e.g. ambulance or police for their ongoing care and support

  • Supporting team members during and after a search.

£160 per course, inclusive of accommodation & meals. Once you have completed the registration process, we will send you all the information you need along with payment details.

Registration will only be possible if a course is available on the courses information page.

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