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The course is designed to give the participant a practical understanding and appreciation of the roles and responsibilities of the team leader as well as training in the skills to be required to be a team leader.

Aspiring team leaders will leave with the skills and knowledge required to undergo a period of consolidation in preparation for future assessment.

Competencies listed in the syllabus will be assessed by experienced members of UKSAR organisations.

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Course Details

This course is suitable for:

Anyone involved in the search for lost or missing people
Fire and Rescue
HM Coastguard
Lowland Rescue
Members of UKSAR groups
Mountain Rescue
Police Officers
Research Institutes
SAR dog organisations


The participants should ideally have experience in a number of missing person searches, have attended a Lowland Search Technician training course or equivalent. LR members should consult with the training officer before booking on this course.

All those attending the Team Leader course should have knowledge of and be competent in the following aspects of Search Techniques:

  • Northumbrian Raindance – Know and be able to demonstrate how to use it to calculate AMDR

  • Be able to take a bearing, both from a map and on the ground

  • Be able to take and follow a bearing through woodland

  • To be able to demonstrate good effective search techniques, including – Use of the Cube, Purposeful Wandering, Getting down low, Looking beyond the first foliage, Hasty Route & Path, Corridor Search and have undertaken Efficient Area Searches.

  • Understand as a Search Technician the roles of Navigator, Medic, Scribe and Communications.

  • Know your pacing and how to convert to meters easily and quickly (pacing card).

  • Know the traits and principles of the main types of Mispers we search for (Despondent, Dementia, Suicidal, Mental illness & Autism).

There will be no time to teach the above aspects on the Team Leader course; it is essential that you come to the course competent and prepared. If you feel you are in need of some extra help or guidance regarding the above aspects mentioned, please see your Team Training Officer who can arrange for you to practice these skills before you come on the course. Those candidates that are not up to speed with the above aspects could find themselves struggling throughout the course.


The course:

The course follows the current Lowland Rescue Standards, and is delivered by experienced members of several UKSAR organisations.


The syllabus includes:


Lowland search team leader competencies:

  • 1.1 Be able to prepare and plan the deployment of a team

  • 2.1 Be able to supervise and monitor the conduct of the search team

  • 2.2 To know and understand how to deal with incidents encountered during a search

  • 2.3 Know and understand how to manage crime scenes and evidence

  • 4.1 Be able to manage information and resources post search

In addition to these you will also receive training in:

  • Team leader roles and responsibilities

  • Leadership traits

  • Principles of leadership

  • Leadership styles

  • Motivational techniques



The course is structured using a combination of classroom sessions outdoor practical activities, search exercises, and a short knowledge check. To maximise quality of learning the course numbers are capped to allow a high instructor/participant ratio.

£160 per course, inclusive of accommodation & meals. Once you have completed the registration process, we will send you all the information you need along with payment details.

Registration will only be possible if a course is available on the courses information page.

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